“Yoga for Uniforms has allowed me to work out old injuries from an on-duty car accident, which has given me way more flexibility and relieved me of a majority of pain that I feel from morning to night. My wife and I have also enjoyed the classes together, while both losing weight, toning up parts of our bodies, and being healthy.” ~ Dallas Police Officer

‘As a long time practitioner of yoga myself I endorse getting cops into asanas’ ~ Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D.
Author of I Love a Cop: What Police Families Need to Know & I Love a Fire Fighter: What the Family Needs to Know

“I like the involvement of the instructor helping with poses vs merely standing in front and dictating moves. I love the fact that it’s centered around the police/fire sub culture and allowing us to freely move outside our comfort zones at our own will. Let’s face it.. we are not always an easy crowd. I hope this program sticks around and grows” ~ Dallas Police Officer

“I like that I am continuing to see my flexibility improve. I keep coming to reduce the low back pain I have recently developed, it helps” ~ Dallas Police Officer.

” Today was a great work out. I got an all over body stretch, pain reduction of old injuries and a lot of relaxation” ~Dallas Police Officer.

“What I love about this program are the modifications. No one should feel weird about coming. Every level is offered. I am looking forward to continuing to expand on what we learn. Each week we do a little more and that is why I come back” ~ Dallas Police Officer.

“I am sold, we will keep attending” ~ Dallas Police Spouse.

“Thanks for the yoga session yesterday. I woke up to almost no back pain and my calves felt great. Both of which I was expecting to be sore due to the running and soccer I did yesterday”. ~ Dallas Police Officer.

” I have to admit, I was not a believer AT ALL when I signed up. The lack of stiffness I feel makes me a 100% believer & advocate, yoga works!” ~Dallas Police Officer.

” This is the first time in 5 years that I have been able to dead lift without pain. If there were classes offered at different locations/times I might consider this yoga thing” ~ Dallas Police Officer.

“I definitely thought yoga was NOT manly, but I gave it a try. Not only is it a hell of a work out, my lower back has not felt this good in years”. ~ Dallas Police Officer.

“Child’s pose was really intense. and super uncomfortable. The best part of the whole class was when Sarah applied pressure to my lower back and I was able to finally relax”. ~ Dallas Police Officer.