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What does a Myrtle Beach Detective and Yoga for Uniforms have in Common: Service!

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It is with incredible excitement that I am able to share this interview with you. Please take a few moments and watch the incredible story of DT. Mike Quinn. If we are LUCKY we will be seeing him more and more here at Yoga for Uniforms!

Check this out –


Yoga for Uniforms Teams up with Team Bradley for the Autism Speaks Walk

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Meet Bradley! Bradley is 1 in 88 children who are diagnosed with Autism. On September 29th Yoga for Uniforms will join the Autism Speaks walk in New Jersey. We have come together as a united voice to raise awareness for children just like Brad, whose lives are touched by Autism. Brad’s Mom offers a few reason as to why we chose to support Autism Speaks:

‘Why do we fundraiser with Autism Speaks?

-Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent childhood diseases

-Autism Speaks is the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization. They are dedicated to funding research, increasing awareness and advocacy for the needs of individuals with Autism and their families.’

Along with the opportunity to fundraise and walk, we will have time to introduce Brad to live yoga instruction. There is a tremendous body of literature that discusses the benefits of a regular yoga practice and how it effects our children with special needs. Through the exploration of yoga they can experience the process of self regulation as well as the benefits of  breathing techniques. Both of these foundational blocks of a regular practice can assist with  body awareness as well as the anxiety disorders often associated with Autism. I am looking forward to sharing the practice with Brad and his friends, while being fully absorbed in the lessons they are sure to share.

Warrior 100 Video

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Just in… our very first video and it depicts our program perfectly! Take a few minutes to celebrate with us..

“Warrior100” — A compilation video featuring photos taken at the Yoga For Uniforms fundraiser: Warrior 100.
Special thanks to our ambassador: Leah Saunders for creating this video!

Grounded while Growing

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Have you had one of those days, you know the ones where it feels like you are zooming through life so quickly that your feet haven’t touched the ground since you rolled out of bed? Everyone experiences times like that, but the question is what can we do to change that feeling?

When we work with balance in our yoga class, we must maintain our connection with the ground, while we expand up towards the ceiling. This is where we get the true opportunity to explore grounding while growing and it is an incredible experience! Tree pose as shown above or Vrksasana, (vrik-SHAHS-anna, vrksa = tree) provides us the chance to slow down and reconnect. In order to balance we need to feel our feet planted firmly on the ground and our breathe fluid and easy. All of the force we may use to get through our days will not work in balance postures. We need focus. The act of balancing provides a bit of ‘mental floss’ from our crazy schedules and hectic lives, we are unable to physically rush through the poses which provides the chance to explore the fluidity available through any balance posture. We invite you to join us in September to explore some balance poses at the DPA in Dallas, TX.

What’s breath got to do with it…

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If you have attended a yoga class, chances are good that you have been invited to deepen your breath. You may even have heard it referred to as Ujjayi breathing, Darth Vador breath or ocean breath. Whatever the adjectives used to describe it, it becomes clear that this breathing is part of the practice. As teachers we have been queuing students to continually expand their breath to increase their lung capacity, flush toxins and message internal organs for years. Even I have caught myself wondering, “Ok, ok. But really, how does this work?”

Ujjayi, pronounced (oo-jy-ii), a Sanskirt word with an English translation: to conquer, to be victorious refers to a deeper, fuller breath. When we inhale, oxygen enters in through the nose or mouth, flows into the windpipe and fills the lungs. Our lungs are made of tiny air sacs surrounded by a spider web of blood vessels. The blood vessels wait patiently for an inhalation and then distribute new oxygenated blood out to the entire body. Any waste and toxins, such as carbon dioxide are removed through exhalation. The act of breathing fuels our body with oxygen and life.

The lungs are not the only heavy lifters in our breathing process. The diaphragm, which acts as a pump moving up and down with each inhalation and exhalation, assists us with delivery of breath to the lowest corners of the lungs and messages the abdominal organs. The intestines, spline and liver all benefit from the increased circulation created by the diaphragm through deep belly breathing.

Want to see how this works? Try this; place one hand over your abdomen and one hand over your chest. Take a breath. Which hand rose with your inhale?

If the hand over your chest rose, you are breathing into the top portion of the lungs, often referred to as thoracic breathing. Think: rib cage only. If the hand over your abdomen rose then you are reaching the lowest corners of your lungs. Notice the expansion in your belly as you breath in fully. Feel that friend, that is YOGA.


Mats, Mats, Mats….

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Hello Yogis! We have partnered with the Give Back Yoga Foundation and the Yoga Activist group to spread the word about Yoga for Uniforms. They have graciously provided us with 50 Mats.

This donation has allowed us to become a fully portable yoga studio! Both of these phenomenal organizations share similar missions. They function to support certified yoga teachers in our quest to take yoga to underserved communities.

If you have not yet had the chance to visit the Give Back Yoga Foundation: or Yoga Activist: . Take a few moments and visit their sites, you will not be disappointed. Maybe you too would like to take your yoga into a new community? These are the groups who can help!

Yoga for Uniforms: Reaching Tall, Giving Back

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On Saturday, April 14th we had the opportunity to partner up with The Lotus Project, a Dallas based organization that provides yoga to young woman at Dallas Letot Center. The mission of Letot is: “to empower neglected and exploited girls to be productive, caring and responsible citizens by providing them a safe environment for long-term residential, gender-responsive treatment involving their families and supported by community partners.”

The donation based yoga class at Main St. Garden in Dallas was a dynamic flow lead by a host of four teachers: Jessica Jordan, Jessica Harden, Alex Hamby and Sarah Lewis. Through our efforts we raised $320.00 for the young women. Funds will be used to purchase additional yoga pants and t-shirts for them while they are practicing.

Want to learn more about giving back at LeTot? You can find them at: . No matter what your talents are, there is a way that you can help this phenomenal group of young people!

Where in the World is Yoga for Uniforms…

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We have been wearing our shirts, representing Yoga for Uniforms proudly! People have been so interested, especially when they read the back of the Men’s shirt which says “Real Men Do Yoga”. It is an instant conversation starter.

These shirts are in such high demand that we have had to order another batch. They will be in the first week of May & we will start sharing them with you. The design will be the same but the colors are changing for spring!

Currently, we have Men’s shirts in sizes: Small, Medium and XLarge. These are some of the softest Tees you will wear and perfect for your next yoga class. They are Gray with Blue. For the lovely ladies we have a tissue soft tank in gray/black with yellow print. These are super cute and breathable. Sizes are: Small, Medium and Large. Our new ones will be white tanks with pink letters.

Once we have the new batch in we will be formally launching our “Where in the World is Yoga for Uniforms”; all you have to do is submit a photo of you, wearing your shirt, striking a pose to be entered in to win the prize. More details to follow….

5 Reasons Why Dudes Should Practice Yoga:Jason Wachob on MindBodyGreen

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5 Reasons Why Dudes Should Practice Yoga
By Jason Wachob
I’m not your typical yoga person. In fact, I don’t even come close to fitting the profile of a yoga person. First of all, I’m a dude. I’m tall (6’7″ to be exact). Yes, is the answer to your next question: I played basketball. I played for four years in college at Columbia, in New York City. I also was president of my fraternity.

After college, I worked on Wall Street as an equities trader for five years. Did I even mention the injuries I have? Dislocated shoulders, separated shoulders, stress fractures, bone spurs and disc problems. I’ll stop there because I’m totally fine — have absolutely no pain — partly due to yoga. I practiced yoga weekly for two years, was just starting to get the hang of it, before work travel took over. The discs in my lower back derailed (literally) and I was off my yoga train. I’m only about three months back into my practice, but I’m back on board the yoga train, full-speed ahead.

So how does a tall-ex-wall-street-trading-fraternity-boy-jock end up practicing yoga? Well, it just sorta happened.

Competitive sports are rough on the body.

I’m 35 and playing pick-up basketball just really isn’t an option, as I’m always just one rebound (or I’d still like to think one dunk) away from my shoulder popping out. Not fun.

The gym lacks camaraderie and community.

Since I turned 15, I’ve been hitting the gym an average of three to five times a week, lifting weights, doing the elliptical (or the ‘perpetual motion’ machine as my good friend, Michael Taylor likes to call it). Granted, lifting weights in the gym was a lot more fun in college when our whole team would lift together in the off-season or before practice. But since then, it just isn’t the same.

I got married.

Yes, another benefit of marriage other than love and tax benefits, is finding an activity that’s good for the body that you can do together. Since we both work a ton, finding ‘date’ time is sometimes difficult. So what better date than a ‘fitness’ date? Lifting weights together isn’t a viable option for us and neither is running (not so good on my knees).

I found a class that was a fit for me.

For a tall dude who is looking for a workout, finding the right class is key. Quick movements with my body curled up scare me, but long and gentle movements where I feel a stretch and my quads or triceps burning is something that my body can handle. God bless, Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor at Strala Yoga.

So, for me it was a blend of finding a replacement for my ex-athletic, gym-going, yet-injured body, that my wife and I could enjoy together. But enough about me. Let’s talk about all the other dudes out there who are sitting on the perpetual yoga-fence. Here are five reasons why other dudes should practice yoga.

1. Your upper body will get stronger. I feel stronger, I’m more defined, and I haven’t lifted a weight in the past two months. This is all due to yoga. Just working plank pose in a basic yoga series will provide an upper body workout. I’m not even talking about handstands, crow pose and all those poses that require a lot of strength (and concentration), which strong yogis can make look easy. They are hard.

2. Your core will thank you. Sit-ups and crunches and all those other fun exercises only take you so far, as they become repetitive and your body becomes familiar with the movement. I’m not saying that you won’t get some sort of results doing these exercises. But yoga will help you use and develop your core in relation to your other muscles and body parts. Hello six-pack abs and Speedo season. Well, maybe not Speedo season.

3. You’ll alleviate stress. Unlike our female counterparts, who often deal with stress outwardly, most dudes (I’m guilty too) often hold stress in, and don’t necessarily deal with it in a healthy way. The result is often sleep deprivation, lack of focus, unreflective eating or a little too much Happy Hour. Go to a yoga class that’s challenging and you’ll be 100 percent focused on your pose and breath. Your stress will most likely be left at the door. You’ll be more mindful. You know that concept called “mindfulness” that seems to be all the rage these days? You know, being present? Paying attention to all the little things, concentrating on your breath and focusing on the moment. You’ll do all that better, too.

4. It’s a cheap date. Dinner and/or movie, or drinks can’t compete with $10 yoga. You get a workout, don’t have to talk (sometimes guys just don’t have a lot to say), and your female companion will be happy. Priceless.

5. The women. Yes, the women — probably the most important reason for dudes on why they should practice yoga. If you’re single, there’s no better place to meet a woman. First of all, the girl-to-guy ratio is heavily in your favor. Odds are that the women will be in-shape, smart and probably run deep as opposed to superficial. It beats the hell out of Happy Hour.

Convinced? Sorta convinced? So what to do? As a fellow dude I’d hate to embarrass myself in class (wait, I’ve already done that), I’d suggest a few things:

First, take a look at some of the key beginner yoga poses so you know what’s coming your way. Just getting familiar with how they look will prove to be tremendously helpful.

Second, ask around, poke around and find the right class for you. There’s no one-size-fits all approach for yoga, and it might take a while to find your class or instructor. Just like love, you’ll know when you “know.” And when you “know,” you’ll be on your way.

Last, yoga is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m not doing handstands or anything fancy yet, and I don’t know when I’ll be ready for that challenge. What I do know is what’s right for my body and I try to take my practice one class at a time. (Kathryn Budig and Elena Brower, I’ll be bringing my extra-long mat to your classes soon).

Happy yoga.

(That’s me pictured in a Tree Pose. And that’s Michael Taylor sitting).

Published June 4, 2010 at 11:45 AM

Police Officer’s Prayer

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A Police Officer’s Prayer

Lord I ask for courage
Courage to face and conquer my own fears
Courage to take me where others will not go

I ask for strength
Strength of body to protect others and strength of spirit to lead others

I ask for dedication
Dedication to my job, to do it well
Dedication to my community to keep it safe

Give me Lord, concern for others who trust me
Compassion for those who need me
And please Lord
Through it all be at my side

~Author Unknown