14. August, 2012Uncategorized Comments Off on Grounded while Growing

Have you had one of those days, you know the ones where it feels like you are zooming through life so quickly that your feet haven’t touched the ground since you rolled out of bed? Everyone experiences times like that, but the question is what can we do to change that feeling?

When we work with balance in our yoga class, we must maintain our connection with the ground, while we expand up towards the ceiling. This is where we get the true opportunity to explore grounding while growing and it is an incredible experience! Tree pose as shown above or Vrksasana, (vrik-SHAHS-anna, vrksa = tree) provides us the chance to slow down and reconnect. In order to balance we need to feel our feet planted firmly on the ground and our breathe fluid and easy. All of the force we may use to get through our days will not work in balance postures. We need focus. The act of balancing provides a bit of ‘mental floss’ from our crazy schedules and hectic lives, we are unable to physically rush through the poses which provides the chance to explore the fluidity available through any balance posture. We invite you to join us in September to explore some balance poses at the DPA in Dallas, TX.