Melinda Roland

I have tried to imagine the courage, strength and tenacity it takes to wear a uniform. The tremendous responsibility it carries and what it must take to do it day-after -day –after- day. The daily sacrifices made to keep us all and our communities safe. Talk about needing some relief with yoga!!! Sarah asked for a brief sharing of why I want to be a part of Yoga for Uniforms. It didn’t take but about 2 seconds when asked if I wanted to be a part of YFU to say “YES”. What an honor to be involved. I hold a deep respect and admiration for all men and woman in uniform and believe my being able to contribute in any way to improving their lives, priceless.
Melinda has taught for over 25 years in the fitness industry. “The high impact of aerobics had taken its toll on my lower back. I needed some relief but didn’t want to give up my physical exercise.” In 2004 she decided to explore yoga as a means of releasing stress and improving her flexibility. After a long search and trying many different styles of yoga she found what she was looking for in Power Flow Vinyasa.
“This was the style of yoga that spoke truth to my heart. On my mat I get a very physical practice. I am stronger and healthier then I have ever been. Off my mat, Power Vinyasa Yoga has taught me, and continues to teach me, how to forgive myself, to love myself, to trust my instincts, to participate in life not react to it. I am learning how to live from my true nature, my authentic self, without fear of judgment from others and that my life experiences are valuable and a means to help connect to others. Spiritually my connection to my Higher Power is clearer and more powerful than it’s ever been. My relationships have deepened. The subtle changes that have transformed me are amazing. “I never intended to teach yoga, but after experiencing the changes in myself, both spiritually and physically I knew that I had to share this with others. You are never too old to begin power yoga and I am proof of that.”
Melinda is married to the love of her life Peter and has 4 amazing children and 2 grand kids that can have anything they ask for! Besides yoga, her favorite past time is snow skiing with her husband and kids in their favorite mountain range in northern Utah. Melinda is a 500 HR Registered Yoga Teacher, Live Love Teach Affiliate Teacher, Baptiste Certified Teacher, Certified Yoga Personal Trainer, Certified Assistant.