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About the Founder

Sarah Hatton


Sarah has been involved with wellness & yoga for over fifteen years. Her journey began as a personal trainer, where she first discovered the true mind body connection. Sarah realized quickly that in order to assist her clients with their goals, she had to embrace them as complete individuals. Her personal insight about the power of yoga occurred due to her search for a way to ease migraines & tension. What she found was her true self.

The relief that yoga offered from the day to day stresses she was encountering were life changing. She knew that she would like to be able to share these tools with everyone. This is when she began her formal study of yoga in 2002 with a six month apprentice program in Kripalu yoga, training with John DeMinico and most recently vinysasa flow training.

Sarah received a BS in Geography & Environmental Planning, from Towson University where she concentrated her studies on social geography. She went on to earn a MSEd in Intra Cultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania. Her thesis work was based on post partum depression screening tools and their effectiveness within diverse ethnic populations. Her main focus was to create educational programs on post partum depression that reached various groups of new mothers throughout the city of Philadelphia. Sarah has held various international roles within the traditional educational world including pre-k teacher, special needs teacher, training manager for adult learners, instructional designer and Clinical Specialist. Coupled with her tenure in the OR as a clinical specialist, Sarah draws on her rich knowledge of anatomy and physiology to design classes that are grounded in safe, anatomic alignment while provide participants the opportunity to explore each pose at their individual level.

Teaching is her passion! Designing programs that speak to specific populations are one of her most cherished specialties.