Yoga for Uniforms is a comprehensive yoga program designed for individuals who encounter daily high stress situations based on their occupations. This program is comprised of weekly classes that independently address the basics of breath work, yogic movement and meditation.

Our mission is to provide affordable, adaptable and accessible yoga services to all First Responders and their families. Yoga for Uniforms specifically addresses common areas of injury and pain through our class sequencing. Our participants have a working understanding of basic sun salutations, ujjayi breathing and meditation.

The curriculum has been specifically created to address both our parasympathetic nervous system and our sympathetic nervous system, bringing our bodies into balance. The parasympathetic system or ‘rest & digest’ system is one that occurs unconsciously and without stability can cause numerous issues within the body. When this system is imbalanced we have altered our natural rhythm within the body. The sympathetic nervous system has one main function, which is to generate our ‘fight or flight’ response and keep us safe. The body achieves this through a release of chemicals, which provide us with the chance to either ‘fight off’ our foe or ‘flee’ a dangerous situation. When faced with continual stressors, our bodies are taken out of their state of homeostasis and placed into a state of imbalance.  Through this series we will have the opportunity to unwind and release from ‘flight or fight’ response with our concentration on breath work while we explore various tools for stress relief.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat & working together to unwind some of that residual tension.